eyeEyelash extensions create the longer, thicker and fuller look that women desire. It is the perfect … Eyelash Extensions are worn by almost every female celebrity.
Your eyebrows and eyelashes can completely change your appearance – a well-shaped pair of eyebrows will frame your face and luscious lashes add definition to your eyes.
The good news is that with all of the brow and lash treatments available you don’t have to put up with what nature gave you. Treatments vary from salon to salon, but most will offer eyebrow shaping, brow and lash tinting, lash extensions and lash curling.

Eyebrow shaping

As well as keeping you neat and tidy, a good brow shape can make your eyes look bigger. Most salons offer
– hot wax,
– plucking or
– threading
to get rid of your unwanted hairs. All three methods involve pulling the hair out at the root and effects will usually last between one and two weeks. Your beauty therapist will be able to offer advice on the best method, depending on the thickness and number of your hairs.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting

Blond bombshells can define their eyes by tinting lashes and brows to a darker color. Your therapist will paint the hairs with a permanent dye appropriate to your hair color and leave it to develop for 5 to 15 minutes.Tinting can be used as an alternative to mascara and eyebrow pencil. Not only does it give you a more natural look, but also it means you look gorgeous from the moment you fall out of bed to the last sip of your nightcap.

Eyelash extensions

We all know it’s not size that matters, but an extra few millimeters on your lashes can really make a difference. Lash extensions are individual false lashes, which are applied to your existing lashes using a special glue.Some extensions are designed to be worn for special events and will last only a few days to a week. Professional, semi-permanent lashes are more expensive, but will last 4-6 weeks.

Lash curling or perming

Eyelash curlers look like instruments of torture, and if you happen to sneeze they can feel that way too. If youíd rather not risk lash and limb on a daily basis, perming your lashes might be the answer.Your beautician will use a small roller to lift and separate your lashes and then apply a perming solution. The solution is left on for 15 minutes, after which a neutralizer is applied and left for a further 15 minutes. The end result will be curved lashes and wide-awake eyes.

Make up

Stage makeup helps to transport an actor from being himself to being the character, and it is a highly artistic medium that requires specific tools and product knowledge. Often, regular makeup won’t stand up to the bright stage lights and the actor ends up looking ‘flat’ or ‘lifeless’.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are available in assortment of skin tones ranging from very fair to dark. These are applied to the face and body to provide a neutral base and to even out skin tones. Cream foundations provide a secure layer of make up that can withstand heat from stage lights and helps prevent the actor from looking washed out.lash-me

Cake makeup

Cake makeup is often applied with a damp sponge and provides a thick layer of coverage. It is available in skin tones as well as many vibrant colors. Depending on the color, cake makeup may be used as a type of foundation, for shading or highlighting or for bold or decorative accents. Try Ben Nye’s Cake Makeup kits, Custom Palettes from MAC or Mehron’s Star Blends.

Our Price List:

Service Price
Eyelash shape + tint 30 min £9.99
Eyelash tattoo 2h / 2h 30 min £149.99
Eyelash tattoo £119.99
Eyelash tint From £5.99
Eyelash Extensions individual 30 min from From £24.99
Eyelash Extensions one by one 1h 30 min /2h From £49.99
Eyelash Extensions strip 10 min From £24.99
Make-up from From £19.99