massageTime to freshen up. You treat your body to massages, exfoliation and moisturising treatments, but are you neglecting your face? A facial is the perfect way to deep-cleanse. It also has the advantage of not requiring you to take your clothes off – making this a great pampering experience for those who are a bit body shy.

How does it work?

There are a wide range of different facials available to suit different requirements and skin types. Whether you are looking to get your glow back, moisturise dry skin or rid yourself of wrinkles, there’s a treatment out there to suit you. Not sure what kind of TLC your face needs? Your therapist will be happy to advise you on which facials are best suited to your age and skin type. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax…
Facials can last from 20 minutes for a mini-facial to an hour for a luxury treatment with face massage. During this time you will be asked to lie down and close your eyes whilst the therapist works their magic.
Spoiled for choice? Specialist facials include medi-facials to help deal with conditions such as acne, whilst oxygen facials and honey facials use more unusual methods to help you get that gorgeous glow.

Is it for me?

Anti-ageing facials are great for those looking for a youthful complexion, but facials aren’t just for older people – after all, they do say that prevention is as good as a cure. Treating yourself to a facial is also a fantastic way to relax. Good for your stress levels as well as your skin? We don’t need any more convincing…
Although some facials are designed to help with medical conditions, it’s always a good idea to consult with your therapist first if you have sensitive skin or eyes – you don’t want to end up making them worse.

Benefits of Facials

spa-maskIf your goal in getting a facial is just to be pampered, chances are good that you’ll find what you’re looking for. There’s really no downside. People who have had facials often report feeling relaxed after the treatment has finished. For others, a facial is primarily a way to improve the look of their skin. The body’s natural processes can dull facial skin. Your skin constantly sloughs off dead cells. These cells can clog pores and give the skin an aged look. Daily exposure to the sun and other elements also take a toll on the skin
Facials are believed by many to fix these common skin problems. Exfoliation, with astringents, masks or peels, can reach deep into the skin’s upper layer to strip away dead skin cells and reveal newer cells underneath. Treatments such as oxygen facials are said to help boost growth of new skin cells and soften the skin to eliminate lines, at least temporarily. Other procedures included in facials use electric micro currents to stimulate facial muscles and — again, temporarily — give the skin a firmer, tighter look.

Of course, a facial isn’t a magic cure, and you have to be willing to take proper care of yourself to look and feel healthy. Even the world’s greatest facial won’t do much good if you chow down each day on greasy foods and consider channel surfing the ultimate in daily exercise. Still, many people who get facials find benefits. Skin often looks and feels better after a treatment, even if the improvement is temporary.

Price List:
Facial Deep Pore 1 hour – 30 min £34.99
Facial Massage + Mask 40 min £24.99
Treatment–Acne 1 hour 30 min £39.99
Revitalising Facial Skin £29.99
Anti Ageing Facial 1 hour 30 min £39.99
Detoxifying Facial 1 hour £34.99
Collagen facial 1 hour 30 mins £44.99