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Hairdressing involves more than just a comb and steady hands. From your first blow dry to having a perm, your hair is put through its paces and needs to be looked after. The hair experts know what to do with every strand, no matter how big or small the makeover- so decide on your new Barnet and they can get to work.

Cutting Long or short, hair should ideally be treated to a tidy-up every six weeks to keep it healthy and free from split ends. Whereas traditionally men would visit a barbers and women go to hairdressers, modern ways now mean that most salons offer cuts to both sexes. Hairdressers often recommend styles to suit your individual face shape, so that your new coif flatters your features in every way. Razors create feathery ends while scissors keep the hair blunt and straight for more of a statement style.

Colouring Men and women alike can benefit from hair colouring. Ranging from highlights and lowlights to an all over tint, hair colouring is the ultimate way to modify your mop. Choose from temporary, semi permanent or permanent colouring techniques to change your natural shade to any colour of the rainbow. Hair colouring techniques are also handy for disguising tell-tale grey hairs, so your hair can look as young as you feel.
Styling Proms and weddings can be stressful enough without having to worry about your hair. Many salons offer hair styling services guaranteed to show your hair off at its best, whether you like it straightened or curled, up or down. Using back-combing techniques to up the volume and sprays and gels to fix your do, you’ll be good to go whatever the occasion, with every hair perfectly in place.

Perming and Setting For those with fine straight hair who fancy a little more volume in their life, perming or ‘permanent waving’ can do the trick. Usually using rods or rollers, hair is twirled and tweaked into curly locks and set with perming lotion, creating a permanent wave which can vary in shape depending on what you’re after. Though the wave is long lasting, it will need to be re-done as it grows out. At the other end of the spectrum, natural curls can be permanently straightened into smooth and sleek hair, so anyone can swap their hairdo to suit their taste.

Hair Extensions Rather than waiting for your style to grow, extensions are an instant way of lengthening your hair. Made from either human hair or synthetic fibres, hair extensions are attached using threads or bonding glue, crocheted, micro rings, keratin etc..Techniques vary. All add length and body to what nature gave you.

Price List:


Service Price
Wash, Cut & DryFrom From £19.99
Essential Oil Treatment Extra £6.49
Steam Treatment From £13.99
Highlights – Half Head From £32.99
Highlights – Full Head From £44.99
Roots Tint From £19.99
Full Head Tint From £34.99
Shampoo, Dry From £12.99
Fringe Trim £5.99
Blow-dry – Style From £11.99
Perm–Cut – Dry From £54.99
Perm-Dry From £44.99
Traditional Weave On From £34.99
Bonding Glue From £19.99
Micro-rings From £64.99 (Excluding Hair)
Keratin From £119.99 (Excluding Hair)
Hair up/Styled From £29.99
Hair Extensions Half Head From £34.99
Hair Extensions Full Head From £46.99
Brazilian Keratin Treatment (restructure) From £60.00
Brazilian Keratin Treatment (straightening) From £90.00
ALL EXTENSIONS ARE MADE TO ORDER (depending on how many packs you require)
KERATIN FULL HEAD IS ESTIMATED AT £320.00 including hair
Service Price
Clipper Cut £7.99
Scissor Cut From £9.99
Shampoo & Restyle From £16.99
Neck & Beard Trim Eeach £4.99
Colour & Highlights From £9.99
High lights From £19.99
Hair Treatments Available


Service Price
Clipper Cut £7.99
Scissor Cut From £9.99


Service Price
Wash-Cut-Dry £14.99
Dry Cut From £9.99
Hair Styles From £9.99


Service Price
Perm/Cut/Blow Dry from £54.99
Perm and Blow Dry From £44.99
Hair Treatments £5.99
Steam & Hair Treatments From £15.99