A regular manicure or pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and high quality products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails.manicure
Get ready to nail it. How good is your hand care routine? Many of us regularly neglect our hands, nails and cuticles – leaving them feeling dry and rough. If the words ‘hand soak’ conjure up a vision of the washing up bowl, we reckon it could be time to treat yourself to a manicure…


manicure3There are many nail treatments available to suit a variety of different needs. An express manicure will leave you with perfectly polished nails in under 20 minutes, whereas a luxurious, deep-conditioning hand treatment may last as long as an hour.
During your manicure, the therapist will use an emery board to shape your nails and file them to the correct length. They will then carefully push back and trim your cuticles, to give a neat appearance. Before applying nail polish, the manicurist may also give you a hand massage or apply a nourishing mask – just the kind of TLC that tired hands need.
Ready for the fun part? You will be asked to choose your preferred colour of nail polish, from a sophisticated French manicure to classic red (or even some bold nail art, if you’re feeling adventurous). Your manicurist will prime your nails with a base coat, before applying the colour and sealing with a hard-wearing top coat – great for protecting against everyday wear and tear.


manicure2Pedicures last for differing lengths of time, and can incorporate a variety of different treatments. Your therapist will probably begin by giving you a relaxing foot soak, designed to soothe your feet and leave them super soft. They will then carefully file off any dead or hard skin from your soles, leaving them looking and feeling as good as new.
If you have opted for a full length luxury pedicure, you will be treated to a moisturising mask and a gentle foot massage prior to polish being applied. If you’re the busy type and are after something short and sweet, your therapist will clip and buff your toenails before applying a coat of your chosen nail polish. Want to go for all out glamour? Why not experiment with some eye-catching nail art.

Price List
Service Price
Manicure Gellish From £14.99
Male Manicure £9.99
Classic Manicure £11.99
Spa Manicure £14.99
Spa Pedicure £24.99
Tidy & Polish £4.99
Pedicure with Gel £29.99
Full Set Gel £27.99
Infill Gel £19.99
Full Set Acrylic £29.99
Acrylic Infill £18.99
Nail Repair Each £2.99
Manicure & Pedicure with Paraffin £19.99 extra
Classic Pedicure £6.99 extra

If you buy a Paraffin package (manicure+pedicure) we will offer a £5 discount.