For your enjoyment, we have relaxation area’s throughout the spa. Here, you can simply relax or socialise with your friends with freshly made herbal tea’s coffee and snacks (sandwiches) available, to complete your experience. We also have a juice bar where you can select from our menu of fruit and vegetables for a freshly squeezed juice and detox smoothies.
Mud Wrap – £65 – 50 min

Organic, Anti-Ageing Mud Wrap

Mud from the dead sea in Israel has been well known for its healing propererties. Over 800 organic components, including minerals and biologically active substances, have restorative effects on the cells and the capillary, lymphatic, immune and nervous systems.


If you’ve Got 30 Minutes A Month, I Guarantee a Healthier, More Energetic You!
If you’re ready to discover a dead-easy way to lose weight, “flush out” toxins and feel amazing in the shortest possible time…then keep reading!

For centuries, saunas were used for mental, spiritual and physical cleansing. Scandinavians used it for hundreds of years; the Native Americans made use of “sweat lodges” for purifying the soul. Luckily today, it is more used for detoxification and has become one of the best ways to burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes

Here’s what it’s all about:  As your body heats up, it works hard to cool itself down…which in return raises your heart rate, metabolic rate and cardio output, allowing you to burn calories and detox simultaneously in our infrared sauna- the same effect you get when you do endurance training!

By Using The Infra Red Sauna You Can Benefit …

  • Empower your immune system and increase your resistance to diseases! When your body’s temperature sky-rockets in the infrared sauna, it gets “tricked” by thinking you have a fever. So in response, it accelerates your defence mechanisms against infections and strengthens you immune system overall!
  • You’ll relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain! The “deep heat” enlarges the outer blood vessels and sinks into the muscles…healing any injuries you might have picked up or had for years!
  •  It’s more successful in improving the appearance of cellulite by reaching that stubborn hypodermic fat layer.
  • When the heat “soaks” deep into the skin tissue, it quickly removes dirt, blackheads, dry skin cells and cosmetics…leaving you with flawless clean, glowing skin and refreshing detox sensations!
  • Infrared sauna stimulates your sweat glands which rapidly removes toxins in the process while you relax comfortably in the heated sauna. It will melt away your stress and sluggishness after a hard day’s work.  Not a bad way to finish your work day or week!

So safe…hospital nurseries use infrared heat panels to warm new-borns!

Surely, if incubators have these…you are in no harm when using our infrared sauna! But too much of a good thing can also be bad. So that’s why we highly recommend—if you’ve never had an infrared sauna treatment before—to only allow 30 minutes for your first session. After a few treatments, you can extend this to 45 minutes if you wish

Clean towels ready to be used and a bottle of cold, mineral water waiting for you. When you’re finished…you can take a long, comfortable and relaxing shower to either start your day fresh…or for the perfect end to a long week! There’s nothing in the world that beats that full of energy feeling after detox cleanse!




3 Therapy Sessions (30 min): £50.00

3 Therapy Sessions (45 min): £80.00

Gift packs available, Mixed Packages i.e. massage, salt/milk bath, Salt Cave with Sauna will be priced upon requests.

Sauna sessions are available by appointments to avoid disappointment, if you request room for segregation room (for religion purposes) or couples please call or visit us. Hope you enjoy the experience.